As the CEO, Manager or Human Resource Director of your company, you want to increase the level of performances of your teams and manage your talents.
We offer you flexible solutions and signature programs always tailored to the needs of your company. Our in depth coaching experience, combined with our extensive corporate background allows us to help you identify the best approach for your teams.


Those individual coaching sessions are focused on the areas of needs of the Manager or the Member of the Executive team: 

  • Onboarding to a new position: our work is focused on setting up priorities and quickly adapting behaviors to the new environment.

  • Reinforcing management skills or transitionning to a management  position: we focus on the management style, delegation and empowerment. We help the Manager build an effective communication and leadership style with his team members. 


Coaching brings more self-awareness, and more consciousness about the objectives, strengths and areas of improvement.

The self-awareness identification is a combination of what we are observing and discussing with the Manager during our sessions and the results of a formal assessment.


Team coaching

There are two main objectives of a team coaching: reinforce the cohesion and increase the performances of the team.

The main outcomes of this type of coaching are: increased leadership for the Manager, more commitment, better sense of contribution, better communication for the Team Members.

This work starts with a conversation with the Manager in order to clarify the objectives. The format can go from one to five or six sessions, depending on the needs and the size of the team.

Group coaching: interactive workshops for managers

We offer small group coaching to your managers on 7 topics, covering leadership, communication and management: 

  • How to switch from a successful doer to a successful leader?

  • How to give a powerful and meaningful feedback?

  • SMART goals, or how to give meaning to motivate my team?

  •  Get to know yourself and others, impact on individual et collective performances

  • Focus on key management skills: communication, motivation, empowerment

  • Dealing with conflict, difficult situations and resistance

  • Reinforcing creativity within the team

Interactive workshops are intended for all level managers in your company. The format is 6 participants per workshop, and all workshops are 3½ hours long.

These workshops take the form of both a group coaching session and a training on a specific management topic. The content alternates high level theoretical concepts, scenarios and exercises that are practiced and discussed in session.   

The objective is to strengthen the managerial culture in your company by giving your managers "key" tools in terms of communication and leadership which they can then directly apply with their teams.

You can opt for one or two workshops, or combine several of them to offer a managerial program to your managers over a few weeks or months.

These workshops are available in French and English


If you want to facilitate the transition of one of your team members, this is for you.

This assessment package consists of ten in depth career coaching sessions focused on the identification of the main strengths and skills, resume conception and rewriting, interview preparation and definition of a new professional project.

It is an eight weeks program with preparatory work between the sessions, and a total focus on new professional steps.


What about offering coaching to everyone in your company?

If you want to improve your company’s climate, reduce tensions and increase the level of motivation, open site coaching is the right choice for your company.



We have helped large companies and consulting firms in the US with their outplacement programs: BB&T during the takeover of Bank Atlantic; CVS Caremark with the termination program of hundreds of employees in Florida and other retail companies with operational termination programs on site.

How great is it for employees to be helped in their job search, resume conception and interviewing skills before getting back into the job market?


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