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So why bring coaching into your professional life?

•  Enhance your performances, acquire a key skill that you need in order to succeed in your mission, improve your management skills or your public speaking abilities are perfect examples where coaching produces excellent results.
•  Step back and take another perspective. When you feel stuck in a situation, coaching will help you pause and make healthier decisions. Our background and sharp coaching abilities will help you in that process.
•  Make a career change and succeed in that transition. It is time to assess your skills, your strengths, be clear on your achievements and be able to communicate about yourself. With a strong background in career coaching and outplacement programs, we are here to help you at all stages of that process.

Take the chance to increase your potential.


We offer you:

  • Individual sessions, face-to-face,over the phone, or on skype

  • Flexible number of sessions, depending on your needs

  • Packages, 6-12 sessions over 2-4 months

  • Use of a combination of tools, techniques and assessments

  • Written debrief after each session

  • Unlimited email support and short calls between sessions

  • A first free introductory meeting to define your needs, and see if we are in a good match!

Explore other paths in your career


A package of 12 intense 1 hour and 30 minutes coaching sessions including a personal and a professional assessment, resume rewriting and interview preparation.
The final output of this process is a summary of your main career steps / main achievements / main personality traits / main skills / next steps and action plan for your new professional project.

You are better than what you think.


A good resume is not a chronological review of your jobs, but reflects your specific value and contributions through your main achievements. Let me help you in the process of building an outstanding resume and, as an output of that work... get to know more about where you make a real difference in your job.

Show your real value.


"There are no difficult questions, just unprepared questions". The more ready you are, the more successful you will be. Be challenged beforehand! I will train you to be at ease answering any difficult question and building a powerful elevator pitch.


Développez vos talents naturels de leader

Take your leadership ability to the next level

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