From CFO to CEO

We successfully helped this Senior CFO to become the new CEO of a middle size local Investment bank operating in South-America. We prepared him for his interviews with the Board during the selection process, helping him express his vision and strategy in his future CEO role.  We helped him get ready for challenging questions and personal presentation. With an introvert type of personality, we helped him gain more confidence and use an easy-going communication style in the whole process.

the importance of quickly adapt to new challenges


A brilliant millennial, very familiar with large corporate environments, moved to a high level commercial travel retail position based in Singapore in a different type of environment: a middle-sized company operating in 6 different countries in Asia. Specificities of this on-boarding are: the multi-markets and products dimension new to our client, the supervision of a team of more senior managers, the importance of getting organized and dealing with priorities and deadlines, the quick optimization of an appropriate communication at all levels in the company.

did you say leadership ?


A young French Executive with no prior experience in management enters a challenging position as the CFO of a major international tourism company operating worldwide. The main challenges here are the management of multicultural and very assertive people, resistant to change, dealing with a stressful environment and an extremely heavy workload. Coping with stress, getting organized and managing priorities remained key in order to quickly onboard on that mission. Here we used individual coaching sessions and team coaching after the onboarding period.

I can do it


This intermediate senior manager with an entrepreneur mindset is hired in a complex and political corporate environment, with a multi millions P&L direct supervision and in a global context of income and profit decline. She perfectly knows the industry, she is a talented negotiator and relentless worker, but she is used to work with small local teams and is more of an operational leader. The main challenge is to help her quickly adapt to a political environment, change her leadership style, form alliances, get a vision and quickly adapt her leadership style to this new environment.


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