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Interactive workshops for managers

Interactive workshops are intended for all level managers in your company.

These workshops take the form of both a group coaching session and a training on a specific management, leadership or communication topic. The content alternates high level theoretical concepts, scenarios and exercises that are practiced and discussed in session.

The objective is to strengthen the managerial culture in your company by giving your managers "key" tools in terms of communication and leadership which they can then directly apply with their teams.

The format is 6 participants per workshop, and all workshops are 3½ hours long.

We offer 7 programs covering management, communication or leadership topics:

  • How to switch from a successful doer to a successful leader?

  • How to give a powerful and meaningful feedback?

  • SMART goals, or how to give meaning to motivate my team?

  • Get to know yourself and others, impact on individual et collective performances

  • Focus on key management skills: communication, motivation, empowerment

  • Dealing with conflict, difficult situations and resistance

  • Reinforcing creativity within the team

You can opt for one or two workshops, or combine several of them to offer a managerial program to your managers over a few weeks or months.

What are the benefits of those workshops?

1- With up to six participants, we provide your managers with a group coaching session that will make them improve significantly. This format allows a real practice of the skills and an individual coaching in session.

2- You reinforce a culture of management, team spirit and cohesion amongst managers at large.

3- Unlike a generic training, you offer your managers a tailored training / coaching with a program focused on their needs.

4-At the end of this program, you benefit from a global feedback from the coach in the form of a report. This report presents the strengths and areas for improvement for the managerial practices in your company that have been observed by the coach during the workshop. And this in full respect of the confidentiality rule of professional coaching.

These workshops are available in French and English

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