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Coaching multicultural teams

Your teams are all around the world, made of mixed nationalities and cultures.

This diversity makes your company attractive, but also more complex for you to manage your talents and your high potentials.

Your performance development requirements remain high. You want to keep a high level of commitment, promote team spirit and healthy collaboration and reinforce good managerial practices.

To do that, you want to support the development of your managers with a tailored coaching approach by a senior international coach with a real multicultural experience.

French-American, bilingual, trained and certified in the United States, Odile Carru has an international experience of more than 10 years in executive coaching for teams in North America and Europe.

In Miami, she worked with Executives and general managers from North, South America and Europe on onboarding and in individual executive coaching missions.

In Montreal, she conducted group workshops and coaching in international financial groups such as BNP Paribas and non-profit organizations -Centraide Grand Montreal, Canadian Cancer Society-.

In Europe, she delivers interactive workshop programs for managers based in Paris, London or Geneva in French and English.

If you think that those skills and this experience can make a difference in your company, contact her for a first conversation.