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Coaching for more leadership and connection for multicultural teams

Your teams are all around the world, made of mixed nationalities and cultures.

This diversity makes your company attractive, but also it adds complexity for you in terms of talent management and retention.

Your performance requirements remain high. You want to keep a high level of commitment, promote team spirit, healthy collaboration and reinforce good managerial practices.

In order to do that, you want to support the development of your managers with a tailored coaching approach by a senior international coach with a real multicultural experience.

Why should you hire a coach to help you do that ?

First because coaching works. The last studies on the efficiency of coaching show that the ROI measured by the difference between the results -in terms of the impact on the performance of the manager- and the cost -of losing your high potential and the price of the coaching- of corporate coaching is very high.

Second, managers love getting coaching sessions. Studies show that coaching is much more appreciated by managers than regular training. Even though I am a firm advocate of coaching for all in the companies, coaching still resonates like something reserved to high potentials. So, being elected to that means like a strong recognition to the value of the one receiving it in the organization.

Third, individual and small group coaching enable the emergence of new common cultural habits, were managers and high potentials can co-create a community of good practices, trust, mutual respect, confidence. The more the organization provides opportunities to think beyond the established ways of thinking or outside the box, the more it generates a culture of leadership. And that is exactly what we want: more leadership, meaning ability to step back, work independently, deal with change, cooperate at high level, generate win-win situations. Mentoring, leadership women club, group coaching, co development, all forms of meetings were people can connect at a meta level has positive impact on the engagement and performance levels.

Even more when people are coming from various cultural backgrounds and countries.

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